Ditch your website envy & get marketing messaging that makes
you the talk of the town...
...no four-letter shock copy required

What would it look like to have a website with messaging you love?  

One your competitors even envy? 

One that engages your prospects while clearly making the connection between their problem and your brand as the perfect solution? 

You might love writing and wonder why your copy doesn’t quite have that WOW factor. You might even have realize there’s a disconnect between what you do and the message you’re putting out there via your website, emails, and other marketing materials. 

Or…you might not know where to start at all. Maybe you even have a website, but you know it’s just stale like that forgotten can of Pringles in the back of your pantry. (Seriously, go toss it.) It doesn’t reflect the uniqueness that is your brand and voice? 

You’ve seen some more interesting copy and writers out there, but so many of them drop F-bombs like hot potatoes, you’re not sure how to find one that really fits your brand and its values. 

You know you need to do something – but where to start? 

This beautiful, blue-haired ice elf villain is one of my "whys."

Let me introduce myself

I’m Pauline Magnusson, founder of Cultivated Copy, LLC.

Copy & content have been my thing since 2012…but really everywhere I’ve found myself through the years, I’ve always ended up the go-to person for anything that needed to be written, whether promotional or technical. 

I work with small businesses, particularly B2Bs, who are ready to:

  • Develop a unified brand identity and messaging strategy 
  • Clarify brand identity in support of a dynamic marketing messaging strategy
  • Achieve the on-point website and/or email copy you’ve been dreaming of
  • Leverage well-researched and executed client education materials like white papers that pay dividends time and again
  • And the list goes on…as we discover your brand’s specific marketing messaging opportunities to engage leads and convert potential customers. 
Let’s work together and discover exactly what you need to end your marketing messaging headaches…so you can get back to the business of achieving your own strategic objectives.  

Let’s Discover How I Can Help You!