Your Web & Email Copy Doesn't Have to be as Dry as a Piece of Stale Toast

...even in a totally technical vertical
like telecom or logistics

What if your pipeline of prospects were full? 

What if you had a steady stream of well-qualified potential clients reaching out to you rather than the other way around? 

What if you even had to craft a waiting list (or better yet, hire more help) because you had that many customers clamoring to work with you? 

Even in a challenging economy, you can have the kind of chock full client calendar you’ve only dreamed about, and your website copy is where it starts

Are you…

  • Ready to launch, but haven’t a clue how to shape your message so it really resonates with your ideal customers? 
  • Ready to pivot, but you know your messaging needs to be clearer and more strategic to actually reach your goals?  
  • Ready to grow, but your lack of a specific brand voice is holding you back from standing out in your crowded field of competitors? 

That’s what I can do for you.  

What’s the flow of a typical project with me?

Great question.  It’s as smooth as 1-2-3.  Here’s the three-step process I use with every client to discover and implement the most strategic and on-point messaging and communication for your brand, for your website and email copy.

1:  We’ll have a kick-off video meeting to determine the exact deliverables, set a schedule (both for check-in calls and projected date of completion).  Here you’ll get your personal Dropbox link and client onboarding kit, so we both know where everything belongs for a successful and smooth project. 

2:  This is where we make the magic happen! Based on the parameters of the project, we’ll craft your brand messaging guidelines, strategy, and/or copy for your website and email. Once this is finished, you’ll get a video-based review of the deliverables and clarification of next steps. 

3:  It’s time to finalize your project!  We’ll have our final review to go over any needed changes before sending you the agreed upon deliverable(s). 

About Page Turnabout

Talking about yourself doesn’t have to be weird. Let’s take your About Page from OK to OUTSTANDING and let it be the money-maker it’s meant to be. 

Website / Email Copywriting

Engage your prospects &  with research-based, conversion-oriented copy that positions you as the obvious choice to solve their nagging problem. 


No fluff.  Just action. Need a home page in a day? I got you.  Jump to the front of my line and get your deliverable in a day.   

White Papers

Get this “king of content” working for you with a solidly-researched & brand-voice specific white paper tailored to your particular industry. 

Let’s chat about your project!

Ready to see if I might be able to help your brand messaging (and sales) go from vanilla to va-va voom? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what you need…but you know where you are isn’t working. 

Let’s talk. 

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