You Couldn't Get Where You Are With Guesswork... stop relying on it for your brand's messaging strategy

What’s the difference between a customer pipeline with a steady flow of leads who convert…

…and one that only drip…drip…drips with clients so sporadically it almost feels like a game of chance? 

Among other things…it’s your messaging. 

Knowing exactly what messages to share with your prospects and customers at which stage of their encounter with your brand is the game changer. 

It’s what transforms your messaging from talking *at* your prospects to communicating *with* your clients, helping them to realize with confidence that you’re the problem solver they’ve been looking for. 

And it’s not the result of luck. 

A cohesive brand messaging strategy gives you talking points about how your business knows and solves your customers’ needs. 

With it – you can easily develop a consistent strategy for communicating with your clients and prospects, ensure your team is on the same page, and save the word-craft guesswork for your Wordle  game.

Is this for you? It could be, if…
  • You’re an established brand – but you’ve recently realized your messaging just doesn’t match the experience you provide your customers. 
  • You have a site…but it’s time for an overhaul. 
  • You don’t yet have a site (maybe you’ve been relying on social media ’til now).
  • You’ve recently tweaked your product or service offerings and you need a message to match.
  • You’re not sure your offer is actually clicking with your prospects. 
What you get: 
  • Brand strategy roadmap validated via:
    • Voice of Customer Research
    • Review Mining
    • Customer and Prospect Interviews
  • Research Results
  • Brand Voice and Messaging Toolkit
The Process: 
Week 1:  Let’s Get Started! Launch Call
Weeks 2-3:  Let’s Take Action! Voice of Customer Research
Week 4:  Let’s Gain Clarity!  Review Results, Brand Voice Toolkit Draft Creation
Week 5:  Let’s Wrap Up! Final Versions Delivered